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Drone for Aerial cinematography
Professional 4 camera
Record sound for Vows, speeches and Interviews
Animation and Special effects


Camera Videography

We use high professional equipment to provide you the best sharp, stabilized and clean videos, 

Aerial/Drone videography

Aerial video is an excellent opportunity to stand out from among the crowd as well as the competition to make an attention grabbing first impression of your company or Wedding. On top of this, it provides a remarkable chance to showcase the advantage of your location, access, as well as surrounding features from angles not available in the past. Check out our Aerial Video Portfolio.

Video Editing

When you start a video editing project with us you can either give us instructions or just let us do our magic. We screen your files and prepare a first cut for you to review. After you see your video let us know if you would like us to change anything. We offer three revisions for free..


My name is Innocent (Not joking). I am a human rights activist and Professional videographer.

My mission is to capture the most meaningful, creative and professional videos in order to tell your story using high quality video and production equipment, all in 4K resolution. What sets me apart from other videographers is my unique filming technique combining use of both Drone and Camera to capture the best images.


Shape your future video project with our professional video productions services.


Five Stars Experience

"Ganza Image Productions was great to work with! Innocent was very knowledgeable and punctual. He completed all required tasked for the job exceeding expectations. I would highly recommend Ganza for any video related projects."

“Innocent is very talented, great to work with and has an amazing creativity! I highly recommend him!!”

“Innocent is such a talent at capturing even the most multidimensional of events! He is truly a pleasure to work with. If you've looking for the best in videography, look no further than Ganza Image Productions!”

“Ganza Image Productions, led by Innocent Ndayishimiye, delivers excellent video production results. The engagement began with a discussion about what we wanted to achieve in the video. Next, Innocent shot a ton of footage (do they still call digital video "footage"?) in a variety of environments. His first edit was strong, and his final edit nailed the assignment completely. I have already decided to use Ganza's services again.”

“Great videographer and even better person. Professional and turns assignments around quickly.”

“Innocent is very passionate. He is a gifted photographer and film-maker. His is also strong in web development. However, what sets Innocent apart from so many other talents is his caring, thoughtful and inspiring spirit. Our students adore him. Our staff admire him. He is just a multi-faceted talent and kind human being. ”

“Ganza came to our gallery to film a few shots for a promotional video and was very professional. We were grateful for his work.”